Say hello. Let's work together.





Do you travel?

Heck yes, it's the dream!

Do you shoot weddings?

Yes, my business is growing with me and beginning in 2023 I will only be accepting a select few, small intimate weddings and more family/portrait sessions.

Do you photoshop?

Yes, but no. It's a personal preference. I will hide the random person behind you! If you have something in your teeth or a stain on your shirt, I gotchu! But no, I will not make your waist slimmer or photoshop your wind blown hair.

Pricing Questions

I can serve you 1000% better if we are real with each other! I do not offer discounts but I often do giveaways (follow me on instagram for the latest!) I will send you my packages list and we can discuss your budget.  I will do my absolute best to make it work.

Jitter Bugs?

It's so funny because this is still me! I love taking photos but I get infront of the camera and it takes me a few minutes to warm up. My best advice is if you are nervous, DO IT ANYWAY! I'll be there the entire time and I swear it will feel like friends hanging out. 
Make a day of it, grab a drink at a local restaurant, ice cream with the family, or explore a new location close by. Do the things that scare you, I'm trying to do more of that myself.