Howdy, I’m Shannon


You can catch me on a mountain with my pups, grabbing an iced coffee, or in the kitchen. I am a huge lover of sunshine + ocean waves crashing. I just got married to a wonderful and handsome man, Joseph! We currently live on the east coast, but we both adore traveling and value family time:) I am a huge believer in the power of affirmations and gratitudes. It’s my mission and passion in life to spread love, light, + positivity in the world; if one life can be changed from being kind, that’s all that matters.

"You light my morning sky, with burning love”

-Elvis Presley

Within my relationship with Joe, there has been so much growth: with myself individually, and with our marriage. I know our best days are still ahead of us, but some of the happiest times have been documented in the most precious ways. My goal is to capture your days exactly the way they unfold. Capturing the tears, the laughs, the moments that you want to remember forever. The way your future children, grand-children, and anyone else can feel that connection is what we are striving for.